A look at 2022

I’ve heard from lots of people that “2022 was a terrible year.” While it wasn’t all good (especially the drought that made our pumpkin and gourd crop a complete loss) I would like to think of the good things that did happen.

One improvement we made this year was buying a new cooler for the farm stand! Maybe you noticed or maybe you didn’t but this was a huge improvement for us. The doors actually work on this cooler so we were able to use both sides to sell products from. That meant we expanded our offerings this year to include fresh local cheese and eggs.

We also started selling local ice cream so we could actually use the small freezer that sat in the way all of last season.

We finished the planter this year and all of the signs. No more stapled on signs flying off in the wind!

We also set a new record for pie sales! This one was a big accomplishment but boy were we tired after Thanksgiving and Christmas. 😂

This year seemed to fly by. And yes, there were lots of bumps in the road this year but this is also the year that I got to call my best friend my husband. ❤️
We got married on the farm at the top of the hill in the orchard.

Brian is such a big part of this farm and our family. As I mentioned before pies were Brian’s idea. He also helped get our pumpkin field back up and growing and encouraged us to grow our own tomatoes.

We are a small family farm. It’s my mom Linda, my dad Gregg, my sister Katie, my husband Brian and me. That’s it. When you shop at our farm stand you are helping support our family and other local families whose products we carry.

Thank you to everyone who helps us make this way of life possible. Wishing everyone the best 2023 with good health and hopefully a good growing season!

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