That’s a wrap! 2022 Thanksgiving pies are complete and it’s time to relax 😌🥧🍁🦃

This Thanksgiving pie season was one for the books. We started selling homemade pies 4 years ago and every year we have beat our record. This year was a lot of work but we did it!

I consider the pies to be my babies but there is no way I could do any of it without my family.
The first step to a great apple pie is the apples. My dad, Gregg, picked all the apples this season so there would be no apple pies without him. My mom, Linda, sorted all the apples and gave us the perfect mix of varieties for texture and flavor.
The next step to a great pie is the crust. Our all butter crust is a recipe from my grandmother. My sister, Katie, was helpful with the pie dough and put up with all of my ridiculousness this Thanksgiving season.

Selling homemade pies was actually my husband’s idea. If it wasn’t for Brian none of this would exist. He is not only supportive he is a huge part of the process. He stays late with me (sometimes till midnight 😳) and peeled ALL the apples for every pie this season. That is bins worth of apples… he is a champ.

Working with family isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (far from it..) but I do feel lucky to have my family and appreciate all they do for the farm and for me.

Have a great night and a relaxing holiday tomorrow!
We will be resting up for Christmas trees this Friday. See you then 🎄

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