Derby Ridge Farm Updates 🍎

Hope everyone has been doing well and staying safe!

We have made a few changes with our hours and are combining an indoor/ outdoor selling approach. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will offer our self serve outdoor table with limited pre packed items if the weather allows.

We will be open Thursday thru Sunday from 10am to 6pm in our barn with some produce available outside and will keep our barn door open. We will have a larger variety of produce, jams and jellies, and other goodies.

Blueberries have been picked out for the year. We will sell what we have picked and that will be it for the season. We are so grateful for the wonderful blueberry crop this year and hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

Fall raspberries are making their way and will be available as they ripen. We will have some available for purchase today.

Peaches 🍑 are still in season with a limited supply due to a small crop this year.

Our Own Jersey Mac Apples 🍎 are ripe and ready to eat! They are an early Mac variety that are good for eating and sauce and bake like a McIntosh.

We ask that you please wear a mask when entering the building. We have hand sanitizer available at the check out and regularly sanitizer the check out surface. Stay safe 🙂😷

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